Recently, a new and wonderful friend of mine sent me this prompt in an email. At first I didn’t know what to do with it and I let it sit and marinate a while. At some point I was having an experience in which I was…mm let’s say aiding someone’s edification on queer-ness–yeah–and her prompt came into my head, and I realized some piece of the answer. I am so grateful for the frame it provided. Here it is:

“If God was showing off with you as the handiwork, what would unfold for you? Now?”
                                                                                                                                      –Jianda Monique

My skin
Would blossom
Into painful irritated blooms–
Pink asymetrical spirals–
And hummingbirds
Would sip blood nectar from my swollen ovaries
Gorging themselves
With the fruits
Of this laborsom love.

I would wander
Offering fertile fluid to hungry pollinators–
Striped and feathered followers–
Heavy with the weight
Of flaccid dreams;
They, in partaking 
Would enlighten
And disperse.

My weight
Would diminish
And my bliss rise
Through the perforated membrane 
Of my being
Until one day, 
Well known by many yet wholely unseen,
My body
Would cease
To survive

The insatiable need
Of lost


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