So, here it goes. My first non-travel related blog post. I have an inkling that it will in fact include tids and bits of travel but it is not the subject of the post. I have been pondering this moment for a while (as in years) but have never seemed to see the point in blogging myself… I suppose I don’t really think anyone will read it. Nor, do I think it necessary that they do. Still, without a readership why should one ‘publish’ anything? I suppose the answer is for one self. And, I suppose that several things I’ve read today or recently have started my mind spinning a little faster than my human hands are capable of pulling out along paper with pen and so the ‘seal is broken’ 😉 (that’s for Kev in case he ever reads this, and if he does he should send me a copy of that song so I can post it somewhere and link it to this page.)

If any one does find these posts worthy of skimming or studying I’ll note the following disclaimers:

  • I by no means promise eloquence or precision. In fact I can likely furnish the opposite: an inarticulate chaotic rumbling resulting in dystopics (can I coin this term? – accidentally articulated topics of conversation or writing often dealing with systemic unrest or corruption and having manifested via disorganized thought processes or semantics.) and a potential feeling of dysphoria.
  • I am a hypocrite, and not in the sense of having taken the Hippocratic oath because those two words have different etymologies my friend/hypothetical-reader!
  • I am reactionary; I try to but am not always perfectly successful at vetting my sources–most of which will be linked to when possible;
  • This is not intended to be a source for anyone or anything, I am a young enthusiastic, often angry and frustrated, spirited, argumentative middle aged youth (a youth falling near the center of the spectrum of accepted age designations for ‘young’–and in my case with a feeling of being old and useless at times. It’s the quarter life crisis stage although whoever decided I was going to live to be 100 might be a little deranged) and most often find myself writing when I am feeling dejected and confused or enlightened and anti-apathetic. That’s right ANTI-apathetic as in against apathetics. And let’s not forget as previously stated that I am a hypocrite.
  • I am under and sometimes misinformed. Again, not intended to be a source, but if you feel that my comments have been either way informed, I welcome your feedback and your assistance in  rectifying my discombobulated state.
  • I check spelling (I’m a terrible speller maybe blogging will help) and correct word usage via google (at least at the moment).
  • I welcome challenges and people who are (or believe themselves to to be) smarter and/or more well read than myself. You can define the word smart however you like in this context.
  • And finally, while my thoughts may be disorganized and sometimes seem non sequitur, I appreciate clarity. Working definitions in responses are highly respected on my receiving end and I will try to define my usage wherever possible or I feel necessary.
  • Oh yes, and I am rather verbose.

Now, I’ve been told that I don’t need to be quite so apologetic, although I’m not sure I’m attempting to be apologetic. Still, I do think it is important to state my intentions even if I’m not quite sure of them just yet.

Now, here’s another reason why I haven’t started this section of my blog yet. When I started this post this afternoon I intended to follow my caveat with an actual post, which I began to compose and which itself proceeded to get away from me. I think I was a little distracted with worry around my hypothetical readers reactions. Unnecessary I suppose but at least I’ve gotten that bit out of the way and from here we can start to see some real rambles. I guess the goal of this little blurb is to start finding my new voice and just ask you (if you’re reading, which you know… you are at least at the moment) to hold on tight and get ready for the ride, ’cause it throws me sometimes too and I’ve been riding it for years.

So now I’ll settle in, write down some of the ideas that have cropped their way into my mind over the course of this lovely day and ponder which of these thoughts have reached readable. Wish me luck and hold on tight!


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